Frequently Asked Questions

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The basics

What is Retinad?

Retinad is the first analytics platform for virtual reality. While VR is already pretty cool, we all know the content could be much better. Analytics, in our humble opinion, are crucial to helping transform VR from a nascent niche into a full-fledged, transformative medium. To do that, we need to understand how users are using and interacting with your content. That's why we set out to build the most complete analytics platform ever for VR, and for free! We’ve begun by building a heatmap tool for 360 and film developers. Contact us for more info!

Why should I care?

Because your users care. Understanding how and why your content is driving your users to make decisions to either stay engaged or disengage is essential. This is exactly what we help you track with our analytics, specifically:

  • Learn what engages your users
  • Test different configurations within your experience
  • Build the optimal VR experience

How does this work?

If you’re using Unity, we’ve made it so simple it’s rather ludicrous. Just follow the 5 minute integration tutorial. Not using Unity? Don’t worry we play nice with custom engines. Just let us know.

Getting started

Installing and integration

Hold on, we’re about to launch ☺.

What can I start tracking?

Our analytics give you key insights into how your VR content is performing in a few ways:

  • 1 What specific areas of your experience are drawing the most & least engagement
  • 2 The area’s average duration of user engagement
  • 3 The most frequent and reoccurring user attention patterns throughout the experience
  • 4 Much more. We’re developing this tool closely with our users. Don’t be shy, come work with us ☺

What is it compatible with?

If you’re using Unity, it’s dead easy. Just follow the 5 minutes integration tutorial. Not using Unity? Send us a message.


Who is behind Retinad?

We’re just like you ☺ We’re a team of VR enthusiasts hell-bent on building great VR content. The only way to do that, however, is to first figure out what’s not working. We see our position as the ‘compass for VR’ and you guys are the ones setting sail and pioneering this important movement. Right now we’re a team of 8 dedicated members and we’re from beautiful, sunny and snowy Montreal, Canada and we’re based here as well as SF. We’re also a proud Rothenberg Ventures Fall 15’ company.

Who have you worked with?

We’d thought you’d never ask. We’re proud to say we’re working with the largest video-production studios in VR in the world. We’re working with VR distribution platforms, universities and colleges and even pharmaceutical companies who have taken the plunge into VR for training purposes.
Our users love us since they can finally understand whether their VR content is making an impact with their users and it allows developers to dive deeper to understand exactly what’s driving behavior within their applications.